Focus 2020 Annual Impact Report THE RESILIENT FUTURE OF HIGHER EDUCATION Adaptable GEM students prove that study success is possible during a global pandemic.

Dr. Paul J. LeBlanc
President and

Dr. Chrystina Russell
Executive Director

Dear GEM supporters, family and worldwide partners,

We are writing to you at an unparalleled moment in time.

With the continued rise of inequality, conflict and uncertainty around the globe, the number of displaced people has ballooned to a staggering 70.4 million, with no end in sight. The ongoing refugee crisis is an acceleration of a decades-long trend. Refugees are among the most marginalized populations in the world. They are often denied fundamental rights and entitlements, including freedom of movement, the right to work, protection from police harassment and – nearest to our hearts – access to all levels of education. We have joined hands with our funders, supporters and partners to tackle some of these unprecedented challenges faced by refugees.

In 2017, we embarked upon a mission to achieve five ambitious proof points to demonstrate that Southern New Hampshire University’s Global Education Movement (GEM) had the capacity to

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“Two years later, we have met each of these aggressive milestones in collaboration with our partners and most important allies, our students.”

98.2% of GEM students are on track to graduate in four years.
100% of AA graduates engage in internships.
Graduates in Rwanda earn 98% more than their university-educated peers.
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